Two Midas Cichlids

Midas Cichlid

The Midas Cichlid (Amphilophus Citrinellus) is a large cichlid. They are heavily built and can stand up to any other aquarium sizedcichlid in fights over territory. Midas Cichlids have strong jaws, sharp teeth, and a physical size advaantage in comparison to other aquarium species. Therefore, the aggressivity of Midas Cichlids should not be underestimated, and other inhabitants should be chosen careefully in an aquarium setting.


Coloration in wild stocks in variable, with most Midas Cichlids gray to olive brown, with a characteristic pattern of vertical black bars. These fish are large. Some pink, yellow, white, or orange specimens do occur. These brightly colored fish, often called "Golds", exist in nature at varying frequencies throughout the range of the species group.


Colorations and morphological characters (accentuated nuchal humps) seen in the hobbyist trade are the product of selective breeding for several generations and may not be reflected in the wild.